How to choose the right cleaner?

Type of dirt

In principle, it is always the type of dirt that determines which CTEC detergent we will use.

The part which has to be cleaned, has to be dirty. After the cleaning, this part will have a certain function.

Cleaning process

Our responsibility is, based on the factors below, to propose or develop an ideal cleaning product. In a cleaning process, we take three factors into account:

  1. We ensure that the cleaner is compatible with the part that has to be cleaned.
  2. The dirt has to be removed with two intentions: first, the removal of the dirt and second, the economic aspect, by using de-emulsifying products in combination with cleaning at a low temperature.
  3. After the cleaning, the part has to be compatible with the following treatments: welding operations, corrosion protection, bonding, etc.

The following picture fragment shows the above factors of the cleaning proces in detail:


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