Foam problems

How can foam arise?

There are two situations in which foam can arise:

1.    Without the introduction of foaming chemicals.
2.    When foreign chemicals come into the wash bath.

1.    Without the introduction of foaming chemicals:

  • The temperature is too low: detergents will foam easier at a low temperature.
  • The temperature is too high: because of this, the properties which reduces the foam in the cleaner can be lost.
  • The oil separator is set incorrectly: it is necessary that only the oil will be separated in an oil separator, the correct adjustment is therefore crucial.
  • There is too little cleaning product in the bath.
  • New wash bath in combination with soft water: some foam can occur. When the bath is a bit older, the foam reduces gradually (by accumulation of minerals in the bath). You can temporarily solve this by adding a small quantity of cAS02 in the new wash bath.

2.    When foreign chemicals come into the wash bath:

In this situation, there is a competition between the properties which reduce the foam in a CTEC cleaner and the inserted foamy product (eg. cooling emulsion, punching oil, …). The ideal situation is to avoid that these products come into a cleaning system. If this is not the case, we can always use an anti-foam as an alternative. Please note that an anti-foam almost always acts as a coating on the wash bath, and as a result the foam cannot manifest. The removal of the oil will also have a removing effect of this anti-foam. Using cAS02 will always be the best solution, since this anti-foam is the best possible product that will not disappear through the oil separator.

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