Corrosion problems

Corrosion is a common problem in the metalworking industry. The removal of corrosion has therefore become a time-consuming and costly problem. Guidance in the product selection is crucial.

How to avoid corrosion?

Some general rules

However, there are some general rules you can use:

  1. Certain metals are highly susceptible to corrosion, eg. cast iron. Keep this in mind. Please use gloves if you want to use these cleaned parts to avoid leaving fingerprints which could cause corrosion.
  2. Check the chloride content of the water. This is possible with simple test strips. From 50 ppm chloride, there is a risk of corrosion and from 100 ppm chloride, there will be corrosion problems. In time, there will be an accumulation of chloride, as these chlorides do not evaporate with the water. Therefore regularly check the chloride content.


  1. Ensure that there are enough anti-corrosion products in the wash bath. Let a CTEC specialist advise you.
  2. When the surface becomes very active, eg. by mechanical processing or by washing with conventional chemicals, the risk on corrosion will also increase.
  3. When working with a separate rinsing bath, the introduction of the washing agent can also have a negative effect, since there will be a competition with the rinsing agent.
  4. Do not use compressed air when drying parts. Remove this forced air flow on the part so that the passivating layer can go in solution again. This will increase the corrosion problem.
  5. The temperature and the time in the treatment room are very crucial in the formation of corrosion:
    -   If the temperature is too low, it is difficult to evaporate the rinsing agent/water. It will be difficult for the anti-corrosion agent to deposit on the
        metal surface. This may cause corrosion.
    -   If the temperature is too high, the water will evaporate quickly. There will be a high humidity in the treatment room. Corrosion will arise.
    It is important to find the right balance and come to the right solution.

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