Blasting grit

Blasting media for all applications

Many different kinds of blasting materials are available today.

Choosing the right type of blasting medium depends on factors including:

  • the blasting principle (wet blasting, injector or pressure blasting, wheel blasting)
  • the part to be blasted (material type, geometry)
  • the process required (coating removal, matting, satinising, polishing, rust removal, deburring, etc.).


  • Our blasting media are available in different sizes, shapes (round/angled) and hardnesses, and
  • are highly suitable for recycling (multiple use).
  • Recycling blasting media saves money and resources and
  • ensures a dust-free and healthy environment.
  • The blasting grit is collected, cleaned and re-used.

Our blasting media:

Pink aluminum oxide

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These beads renew their beat edges during their use. Very appropriate for the surface treatment by means of compressed air blasting for metallization, enameling and painting.

White aluminium oxide

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Very appropriate for the production of agglomerate abrasives, grindstones, segments and lapping discs for reparations, polishing and surface treatment.

Ceramic beads

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Used for surface treatments as cleaning, deburring and glazing. Also used for very precise surface treatment with a high uniformity obtained through a very accurate selection of the beads with relation to granulation.

Micro-glass beads

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All metal surfaces can be treated with micro-glass beads.

Plastic beads

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Perfect blasting medium for surface treatment and cleaning in the aviation.

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