Industrial degreaser according to requirements - Degreasing metal

When maintaining or repairing industrial machines it is often necessary to degrease certain parts and metals. During this process the soiling is removed using an industrial degreaser. This soiling consists of oils, greases and loose dirt. The optimal degreasing method differs depending on the nature of the degreasing and the required degree of cleaning. Using the right degreasing products is essential here. 

Degreasing products for any production process

CTEC offers a variety of degreasing products. In our range you will find degreasing products for degreasing metal, in particular for degreasing copper, steel, aluminium, oil and grease, but also as preparation for the coating process. We offer the most effective industrial degreaser for any degreasing problem.

Efficient metal degreaser

When degreasing metal all undesired or soiled oils, loose dirt and greases are removed. The way of degreasing metal depends on the type of soiling. Our alkaline degreasing products are highly suitable for degreasing metal. These products have a high pH value. Alkaline cleaners, better known as lye, have low acidity. A lye can also be a strong or weak lye. The type of lye used for degreasing metal depends on the degree of soling.

How can CTEC help with your search for an industrial degreaser?

CTEC not only takes care of your industrial cleaning, it also ensures the industrial degreasing of parts. Thanks to our years of experience in the world of industrial degreasing and cleaning, we can offer you a degreasing solution fully in line with your needs. Our comprehensive knowledge of chemistry also allows us to offer you ecological and effective degreasing products.

CTEC degreasing metal

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