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Ceramic beads

Description ceramic beads LX 5100

The ceramic beads LX 5100 are made of mineral oxides through electro fusion. These beads have a fine internal structure of zirconium crystals in a glassy silicon dioxide cover. Through this combination, a high density and high shock resistance exists.

Application ceramic beads

The ceramic beads are used for surface treatments as cleaning, deburring and glazing. Also used for very precise surface treatment with a high uniformity obtained through a very accurate selection of the beads with relation to granulation.

Advantages ceramic bead blasting

  • Very high shock resistance: the beads remain round for a long period.
  • Very low dust formation.
  • A steady roughness.
  • Low galvanization.
  • No metal pollution.

Free advice

We are always at your service for more information about the choice of the abrasive and the bead size for your application.


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